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Sunday, 22 November 2015

''I Know its Haram, but i Love Him""

"I know its haram, but i love him"
This is the answer that some sisters give when they tell them that having a boyfriend is haram in islam.
Dear sister, generally a muslimah,
Should only love the man she will accept to marry because of his commitment to his deen . the more he will be closed to allah , the more she should love him. What about you? Why do you love him ??is it because of his sweet love words? Be certain that they are NOTHING BUT SHAYTAAN WHISPERS. have you ever asked yourself if he truly loves you? Because if he truly does, then he wouldn't let you face hell. True love is when you pray to be gathered in jannah w/ the one you love. THAT'S TRUE LOVE, and it only comes with halal, after marriage!!
Sisters youu must know that no matter how much he 'loves' you in this dunya, he will hate you 100000× more than that in the akhirah.
YES. HE WILL HATE YOU, he will blame you for your relationship when he will be between the hands of Allah, and he will beg for you to be thrown into the fire instead of him!
Allah says in Qur'an: " All akhillaa ( friends /the lovers who had forbidden relationship) on that day will be foes one to another (they will be like enemies) except AlMuttaqun (the ones who feared allah)". Qur'an 43:67
Is that the kind of love you want? A temporary feeling you get in dunya, a feeling inspired by shaytaan which turn to hate in akhirah?!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!
Source: D R E A M I N G J A N N A H | thanks D.jannah |~~~~

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